Friday, 4 January 2013

Difference between Oracle apps 11i and R12

Oracle Apps 
11i                                                                     R12

set of books    ---------------------------    Ledgers

3 C's - ( Calendar,                                 4C's ( Calendar,
Chart of Accounts and                                Chart of Accounts and
Currency        ---------------------------              Currency, Conventions (Accounting Method )

Global Accounting Engine-------------------    Sub Ledger Accounting Method (SLAM)

Global Intercompany System (GIS)-----------    Advanced Global Intercompany System (AGIS)

Intercompany Accounts----------------------    Intercompany Balancing

Primary Set of books----------------------    Primary Ledger

Reporting Set of books---------------------    Reporting Currency

MRC set of books---------------------------    Secondary Ledgers

HR Organization Classified as GRE/LE's    -------    Legal Entities

Operating Units assigned to set of books   --------  Operating Units assigned to primary
                                                                       Ledger in an Accounting setup

Secondary Ledgers : Multiple-posting set  ----------  Secondary Ledgers   
of books ( Global Accounting Engine )

Reporting Currencies -MRC Reporting set   --------     Reporting Currency
of books---------------------------   

Oracle forms / Report 6i  ----------------      Oracle forms / Reports 10g

In personalization level
set_lov_property is not available --------      In Oracle Apps R12 we can change the LOV


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